We create a person-centered care plan for every individual resident, which means that their specific needs are identified and a tailor-made plan is put in place to help meet these needs. The carers are all conversant with each resident’s needs, creating a wholesome care package and allowing resident’s families to know that they are well looked after.

Every week we have a full program of activities with all of the staff involved, which provides well needed exercise and entertainment. The Meadows is a home from home with a devoted and committed workforce, who are all full-time permanent carers and who have a longstanding history with us. This means that they know all the residents intimately, including their likes and dislikes as well as their past histories. It also means that our residents see the same faces every day, which is one of the most important aspects to consider in a care setting.

The fact that many of The Meadows team members have been with us for over 10 years is testimony to our unerring support for them, and to the extent to which they enjoy their work, including our devoted catering staff who plan each meal carefully to ensure that our residents get the most nutritious and balanced plates of food and ones they will thoroughly enjoy.

We have a fantastic catering staff who tailor the menu to the needs of the residents, whilst making sure that all of the food is prepared on site and comprises of fresh local produce, ensuring that the meals are both nutritious and wholesome. We cater for all dietary needs, taking into account religious and cultural backgrounds. The residents are given beautiful fresh cakes every day with their afternoon tea and we have thought long and hard about what our residents like to eat and how they like meals to be served.

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We are a family run care home designed for people who like the intimacy and homely feel of a smaller care home. Residential care is for frail older people whose needs are low, such as needing help with washing, dressing and other daily living activities. We provide accommodation, meals and 24-hour personal care for those who find it increasingly difficult to cope at home without assistance. We offer support and a community for people who are lonely and who want to have their every need met in a safe, warm environment, whether that is an ear to listen, a hot cup of tea or a fluffy fresh towel.


We offer round the clock care in a safe, comfortable environment for anything from 3 days upwards. This offers the perfect break for carers who are ill, on holiday or just need a rest. As a carer you can relax knowing that your relative, friend or patient is in a safe, welcoming environment with expert care tailored to their needs. Many people also arrange a trial stay as a temporary resident to see if the home is the right choice for them as their new home. Please note that respite is based on our availability, so we cannot take bookings more than a month in advance.


There are now nearly 850,000 people living within the United Kingdom with a diagnosis of dementia. Some people who receive a diagnosis of dementia are able to live independently at home, often with the support of friends or relatives and in some cases paid carers and luckily may never need to go into a care home. However, there are many who may need the extra support and comfort of a care home and we want to make sure that the experience here at The Meadows is as close as possible to the care that they would have received and expected at home.

We pride ourselves on being first class in providing care and stimulation for those suffering from dementia and our team are constantly mastering new techniques based on the latest research which helps to ease the problems associated with dementia.

We are proud of the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia 2020, which sets out more than 50 specific commitments that aim to make England the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness by 2020.


We provide respectful pro-active care for residents and relatives in the last days of their life. We ensure that their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are considered and met. We also have a great working relationship with the district nurses, as well as the palliative nurses and GP’s who visit the home and help with pain management. We want to make sure that someone’s last days are pain-free and comfortable in every way. We encourage families to visit at any time and they are welcome to stay overnight. We feel that creating a support network for the families and friends is paramount to the healing process and are privileged to be able to care not only for the resident, but to offer emotional support for the families. It is a true honor to care for anyone in their last days and something we have had the pleasure to do for the majority of residents in the past. We believe that making the transition from home to a care home is already difficult, so wherever possible we endeavor to look after residents for the duration of the days.


If you have any questions or would like to contact us please call us on 0208 575 3320 or email us on info@themeadowscare-home.co.uk